​The National Theatre of MatMadia, co-founded by Maddy Campbell and Matt Phillips, is a collective of Brooklyn based artists focused on putting fun, absurd and monstrous ideas on stage. With a base in clowning and bouffan combined with classically trained actors, we delve head first into extreme physical acting, fire performance and drag. Our stories use 'the mystique' to explore themes about mental illness, ‘fucking with gender’ and the psychedelic. Known to ‘not pull any punches’ our work is violent, messy and monstrous.


MATT PHILLIPS is a Brooklyn based interdisciplinary artist and fire perfomer. Matt has a BFA from NYU where he trained at The Experimental Theater Wing. Matt has performed at venues such as House of Yes and Bizarre Bushwick and is known as his drag persona, Laurel Fixation. Currently Matt is a circus intern at The Muse Brooklyn.

MADDY CAMPBELL is a classically trained, experimental actor, singer, playwright based in NYC with a BFA from NYU. She trained at Stella Adler Studio of Acting and The Experimental Theater Wing. Maddy is the Artistic Manager at IRT Theatre. Currently she is training as a circus intern at The Muse Brookln.